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The objective of physical therapy for animals is to improve high quality of life and reduce pain. Healthy Pets of Wedgewoodis one of the few veterinary hospitals to supply specialty care in bodily rehabilitation. Our rehabilitation companies are situated in ourHealthy Pets of Wedgewood facility and is directed by Dr. Chip Taylor. The Rehab technician is Laura Stone and he or she has been working with our group for a few years. Our hospitals are geared up with ultrasound machines in order that your pet’s physician can evaluate gentle tissue, organs and cardiac examinations via non-invasive technology.


Powerful microscopes permit us to perform cytology on cells from masses or wounds as well as monitor bacteria from pores and skin and ears to guide our treatment plan. We additionally partner with a big nationwide laboratory that gives us the capacity to do precision testing on lots of of health conditions.

It is an attractive form of therapy for animal athletes, due to the prospect of shorter restoration and lay-off times. Low stage laser remedy is a good addition to rehabilitation therapies for animals. Low degree laser therapy goes by a number of different names, together with chilly remedy and soft laser therapy . Whatever name is used to explain the laser, the objective is identical – to heal. Healthy Pets of Wedgewood’s rehab program offers hydrotherapy, low stage laser treatment, pain management, fitness conditioning and dietary steering to help your pets get probably the most out of life. Physical remedy for canines, or canine rehabilitation, adapts human bodily remedy strategies to increase operate and mobility of joints and muscular tissues in animals. Animal rehabilitation can cut back pain and improve restoration from injury, surgery, degenerative illnesses, age-associated diseases and weight problems.

Several of our doctors have undergone formal ultrasound coaching to allow them to monitor and diagnose conditions in a timely manner. Ultrasound is a vital software in monitoring cardiac disease, evaluating particular person belly organs, monitoring pregnancy, and giving us the flexibility to evaluate the bladder for stones or abnormalities. There are a number of situations in which use of the ultrasound can allow us to do biopsies and monitor inside organs with out the need for exploratory surgery. Expert review and consultation of ultrasounds by a board-certified radiologist is feasible though our partnership with members of this specialty.

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With advancements in medicine and early illness detection, pets live longer than ever earlier than. Hospice is an area of practice devoted to pain management and emotional assist for pets and their households as they face the pet’s final journey collectively. Low degree laser remedy is a non-invasive tool that gives a method of controlling ache and accelerating therapeutic with no opposed unwanted effects. LLLT is used to increase the pace, high quality and tensile power of tissue repair, resolve irritation, and provides ache reduction.

Your dog will love a platter stuffed with their favorite treats. A routine take a look at detected salmonella, so the company decided to recall six lots of its meals. No human or dog illnesses have been linked to the meals currently.

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These permit us to quickly diagnose and monitor your pet’s well being. Our educated technicians and medical doctors additionally perform fecal floatation’s, ELSIA heartworm tests, and in-house urinalysis.