Rare Tree Kangaroo Reappears After Vanishing For 90 Years

animal treeWe are family. Nonetheless, experiments are nonetheless wanted to discern basic patterns amongst foraging hubs and whether or not extrapolations are valid (Howe 2016 ). Here, we will draw on the Neotropical plant-animal interaction literature to highlight the importance of tree species identification when selecting species to retain or plant on managed landscapes.

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Despite having broad diets, many Neotropical frugivores and pollinators rely on a core” set of plant households (supplemental table S3) that share three necessary traits: a excessive degree of phenological spatio-temporal predictability, comparatively excessive species richness per habitat, and broad geographic ranges (Fleming and Kress 2013 ). For example, figs are identified for their yr-spherical fruit production (at population ranges) and are consumed—often preferentially so—by many vertebrate species of disparate taxa (Terborgh 1986 ). Cecropia trees are also essential core species amenable for planting in agroforests due to their quick rising habit (Lobova et al. 2003 ). Both Ficus and Cecropia trees have been proven to occupy central roles in seed-dispersal networks (Carlo et al. 2007 , Donatti et al. 2011 , Sarmento et al. 2014 ).