Tonight’s blurb is written while on our way to the legendary O2 in London, UK.

Ash and Seb are playing FIFA12 on the xbox and Ben is tweeting with FRIENDS 🙂

We just finished playing LG Arena in Birmingham and it was off the hook. You’d think it’s impossible but people are getting louder and louder, just as we’re getting better and better. After the gig we went to the merchandise stand and said hi to everybody. It’s amazing to live the dream that is A FRIEND IN LONDON – What we’re doing right now is exactly what our band name is all about; Meeting FRIENDS from all around the world. WE LOVE IT!

Tomorrow’s gonna be something very special. I remember myself tweeting exactly 1 year ago, that I had a dream to play the MSG (Madison Square Garden) because as I had just seen Justin Bieber play there for a full house, and then now 1 year later we’re playing, not the MSG but an best large diaphragm condenser microphone Arena quite legendary too; the O2 in London, UK – I can settle with that for now. LOL 😉

This is the first part of the adventure of A FRIEND IN LONDON going on a European tour as support for “Backstreet Boys” and “New Kids On The Block” – Jump on their bus as they drive to Europe’s biggest Arena’s.

Wanta start this blurb off with quoting our sound guy ‘John’ (Nicest dude ever) from after today’s concert when we asked him if he’d done anything to make the sound better tonight; “Nope, it’s all you, you’re getting stronger day by day!” – so with that said, we went out to meet some of our “New” castle FRIENDS! (Get it;) and oh boy, the range of age showing up to meet us. AMAZING! – So with one more show in our bag of tricks, and with the words from John ringing in the back of our heads we will drive to Birmingham and do the same thing. We got 4 nights in a row, so we gotta focus and get our heads in the game. Peace out everybody, and thank you so much for being a good #FRIEND. Keep it up. Promise we will spend a lifetime giving back!

As we continue having the time of our lives, we did our daily routine of a soundcheck, dinner with NKOTBSB band and crew, then, to our surprise, when we hit the stage, there was a roar of screams from Manchester FRIENDS.

After the show, as always, we headed to the merch table to sign autographs for all our new FRIENDS and what an incredible scene it was, as there was a lot of FRIENDS waiting for pictures, autographs and they just wanted to meet the band. We were signing our new EP, t-shirts, body parts and giving out kisses.

Our hearts were filled with joy and almost brought tears to our eyes blue yeti microphone review with happiness so all we have to say is a huge THANK YOU TO ALL OUR MANCHESTER FRIENDS.

We look forward to seeing our new FRIENDS in Newcastle tomorrow night. <3 AFIL