animal feedSecure animal feed is vital for the health of animals, the surroundings and for the safety of meals of animal origin. It goes with out saying: All of AGRANA’s animal feed products are GMO-free and many of our merchandise are additionally available in natural varieties. Karena menggunakan material ini sangat efisien dan mudah dalam pemasangannya apalagi materials ini kokoh, sangat kuat dan tahan lama, permukaan yang halus dan rata sehingga menjadi indah dilihat.

The presence of aflatoxins in feeds, forages and foods is a vital anti-high quality issue and is associated with varied diseases in livestock, domestic animals and humans that are broadly termed aflatoxicosis. Dalam penerapan kamar tidur yang peling penting adalah pencahayaan dengan menerapkan jendela rumah yang berfungsi juga sebagai sirkulasi udara agar udara didalam kamar terus berganti untuk menjaga kesegaranya.

In keeping with calculations of the United Nations Atmosphere Programme, the energy which might be lost by feeding cereals to animals, as a substitute of using them directly as human food, could theoretically feed an extra 3.5 billion folks. The production of meat, milk and eggs leads to an unlimited loss of calories grown in fields, since cereals and oil seeds should be cultivated to feed to … Read More