animal feedProtected animal feed is important for the well being of animals, the environment and for the security of meals of animal origin. Finally, Batch four represented the full time from manufacturing, trans-Atlantic cargo, time within the port of New York City, and arrival of feed elements on the destination in Des Moines, IA. This final batch was submitted for testing at 30 DPC.

Elements that supported virus survival at a high frequency included conventional soybean meal (n = 7), lysine hydrochloride and complete feed (n = 5), vitamin D, choline chloride, and sausage casings (n = 4), organic soybean meal, the three sorts of pet food (n = 3) and DDGS (n = 2). To determine whether or not specific traits of these components could be related to virus survival, a complete bromatological evaluation was carried out on samples of choline chloride, vitamin D, lysine hydrochloride, soy oil cake, DDGS, dry pet food and conventional and natural soybean meal ( Table 5 ). Overall, excessive levels of crude fat were observed in natural soybean meal, soy oil cake and dry pet food (7%, 9% and 13%, respectively) as compared to the other components examined.

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