3 Ways to Care for Horses

Horses are strong, beautiful animals with spirits to match. So it’s no surprise that caring for them comes with its fair share of work. Whether you own a horse or run a stable, you need to have the basics of care down if you are going to raise healthy horses. Here are three things to keep in mind as you care for these incredible creatures. 

1. Proper nutrition

Having hay and grass readily available for grazing is one of the best ways to keep a horse healthy and happy. If grazing is not possible, it is critical to control the amount of food a horse consumes, what time it eats throughout the day, and whether or not it is receiving the right vitamins and nutrients. Horses are sensitive to abrupt changes in their diet as well as certain molds and fungi, so maintaining consistency and keeping their eating area clean are important factors to consider as well. 

2. Regular veterinary care

Just like domestic house pets, horses can become sick, develop parasites, or become injured. Thus, regular veterinary visits are a crucial part of what it means to take care of a horse. Applying to get health insurance for horses can help you manage the costs of standard medical care as well as unexpected treatments that may arise. 

Adequate exercise

It goes without saying that horses need a lot of consistent exercise to avoid digestive and muscular issues, obesity, and other harmful health conditions. Regular exercise should include walking, running, and even swimming. Giving horses puzzles to solve or taking them through agility courses can be a fun way to stimulate their minds as well as their muscles. 

Caring for horses can be a very rewarding undertaking. By doing the proper research and staying up-to-date on best-practices, your horses can live lives that are healthy, long, and strong.